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Mostly, Indian students do not face difficulties in Russia but just in case they do it might have to do with the university not the country. Key2career helps you in choosing the right universities Russia, which consist of certain important things like: –

  1. The English-taught program, most of the colleges in Russia are bilingual I.e., teaching of academic content in two languages, in a native and second language. Which is why you need to carefully choose universities that are completely English taught not bilingual
  2. The universities need to be MCI approved
  3. The university should make sure that the college mess provides students with Indian food.

The universities that Key2careeR offers consists of all the above points & have been listed on the official govt website too (website link). We understand the difficulties students face while stepping on a foreign land hence we try our best to eliminate them.

Pursuing MBBS is an important decision taken years before actually pursuing it, this in itself is a long journey. There are many steps you take & every step taken is an important one, like deciding which college to pursue your higher studies from and whether to study in India or in abroad.

Why not India: –

Indian students do not prefer to pursue MBBS in India as they do not get admissions in government universities & the private colleges are unaffordable & unreasonable. Now, while you consider your options you need to know that to pursue MBBS you will have to invest way more in India than what the government universities in Russia charge you.

There is no international exposure as such in India which leads lack of certain skills that the students would gain after being exposed to international education.

Why Russia: –

MBBS in Russia is very cost effective & economical because the Russian Government provides subsidy for education. In Russia from the admission procedure to the standard of living everything is uncomplicated & simple.

The university provides the students with Low & Subsidized course fees, Indian canteen, no donation & their degree is internationally recognized. Indian students consider Russia for their MBBS because they get admissions in the Govt universities.

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Get Free Guidance material and counseling