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Counseling and Guidance

Every student’s career is get set by the right counselling and guidance. Key2careeR provides honest counselling to every student. Also, we guide facts about every course and hidden things about education roadmaps. Keeping the real side of every educational decision in front of our students is our responsibility. Our one of the most international expert councillors is here with skilled and global knowledge to serve you the right way of guidance towards your dream career. Applying for a study abroad is a crucial decision as such we do not limit our counselling just to the right country and university choice but extend it to help you make the right ‘career decision’.

University Selection

There are more than 500+ university options across the globe. We help you to select the right choice of university suitable for your career roadmap. Selecting a university is a tough decision for every student and parent because a student’s entire career is dependent on it. Key2careeR represents more than 300+ universities across the globe which is the top-ranked one. So it becomes easy for you to select the best university for the best roadmap. Our counselors also give you a better understanding of the universities offering scholarships and paid internship programs which help you to plan your financial aspects before you leave your homeland.

Admission & Support

After selection of university, our main task is to put our student application to the selected university as soon as fast and in a good manner. We take care of all application process with the documentation services; our expert execution team is always there to handle all these things. The admission procedure will get a handle by our admission department. Our counsellors give you complete guidelines for drafting SOP, LOR, Resume, Essays, and for filling the application forms. You don’t need to worry about your process when our team is running for you.

Travel Arrangements

As with the admission support, arranging travel services is also our responsibility. Students don’t need to worry about their travel arrangements, because we are responsible to take care of them. We serve quality travel services to our students with time awareness. From airport to hotel, from home to hostel, we handle your all journey. Our years of experience coupled with a High Visa Success Rate make us the preferred choice for students. We make traveling easy and comfortable for you, with our best services.


Parents are worried about one of the most important things is the accommodation of their child. We also take care of the accommodation facility of every student for the entire course. We provide quality accommodation services with safety and security. We also arrange parents’ accommodation if anyone needed because that’s our responsibility. In the accommodation, we take care from hostel to food, everything students needs. We also provide choices to our students to select the accommodation before making payment.

Study and Support

We are popular as a quality service provider more than an admission company. We stand beside you till you complete your career, like your parents. Every student represents us for our services. We stay beside you till you complete your entire course. Our range of value-added services includes assistance for Education loans, Financial Aid, Pre-Departure Briefing, Forex, and Travel & Accommodation Assistance. Key2careeR is not an admission firm in India, we are always supportive to other firms’ students too as we serve our students, because every student’s career is valuable for us.

Forex Assistance

As per the reserve bank of India students who go for abroad studies should take Foreign Exchange support, under the Higher Studies quota. Key2careeR provides Forex services to every student free of cost. Forex services will be very useful for students in their day-to-day transactions in foreign countries. We maintained a tie-up with recognized Forex dealers to ensure that you avail the advantage of prompt services and better exchange rates. Key2careeR also helps parents with these same services. Because of Forex, students can keep their amount safe and secure and can use it whenever they want, for their day-to-day expenses.

Local Support

In every country where students go for education, they always need support in that local country too. Because in India their parents take care of them, so it is our responsibility to take care of their problems when they are far from their parents. Key2careeR has local support/ assistance in every country where our students go for education, till they complete their entire program. so parents don’t need to worry about their child.

Get Free Guidance material and counseling

Get Free Guidance material and counseling