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Medical PG in USA

Medical PG in USA for Indian Students

Medical PG in USACompleting PG from the USA and settle down career over there is a choice of every medical aspirant. PG in the USA has worldwide value. You can easily start your career in any country across the world. It is one of the challenging exams in the world, but the returns of this exam are very superior. As you understand Key2careeR provides many roadmaps to reach PG in the USA at the time of MBBS. For completing PG in the USA, there is one licensing exam, and that is USMLE. USMLE exam has 3 steps that every aspirant has to complete to achieve the degree of PG. The exam is very difficult but with correct guidance and strong preparation you can beat it. Check our USMLE Prep Program.

Why Go Into Medicine After MBBS in the USA?

The population’s rapid increase and ageing, the doctor-patient ratio, technological and medical developments, the widening use of health insurance, and medical tourism are all contributing to the expansion of the US medical industry. Medical students pursuing post-graduate medical school make up the largest segment of the workforce required to maintain this industry in the USA.

The opportunity to study Medicine in the United States is both unique and great. Why don’t you succeed in your mission? The post-medical education system in the United States of America is quite advanced. Additionally, almost all of the medical schools in the US are associated with some of the top colleges in the nation, enabling them to support the usage of cutting-edge technology and work with recognized organizations   throughout the globe.

How to Get an MD in the USA?

Let’s examine the entire process, broken down into a few success-oriented steps.

Complete your undergraduate studies as a first step.

The most important requirement is a solid bachelor’s degree, preferably with a medical focus in one of the disciplines like biology, chemistry, or physical science.

Step 2: Succeed on the MCAT test

The Medical College Admission Test must be passed in order for college seniors and recent graduates who want to become doctors to pursue an MD degree (MCAT). One can apply to one of them after completing the MCAT with a required score, depending on the university. Students from India who go to take the MCAT and subsequently apply to universities must additionally possess the following:

Submit a SOP and LORs to pass an English language competence test, such as the IELTS or TOEFL

Obtain a high GRE score.

Step 3: Finish the four-year medical program

When you graduate from medical school, your path doesn’t end. Beginning there. The MD degree involves four years of full-time study, with the curriculum being broken up into semesters.

Pass the USMLE Parts 1 and 2 in Step 4.

  One must pass the USMLE with a passing grade in order to practise medicine in the USA. As previously mentioned, the exam is divided into three parts.

The medical student must pass the first section of the exam in order to move on to the third year. It covers the fundamental medical concepts that students learned in their first two years of study.

The medical student must pass the second portion of the exam in order to move on to the fourth year.

Finding a Residence and the Niche in Step 5

The medical degree doesn’t end with college, as we have stated. Medical students must apply for their residency during their last year. The students are then assigned to their appropriate residency after the application has been evaluated.

What is a RESIDENCY ?

Fresh out of medical school students receive specialized training during a three to eleven-year residency program under the supervision of a professional physician or veteran physician educator.

Step 6: Complete residency and pass USMLE Part 3

The candidate must show up for the USMLE Part 3 Examination after completing the required amount of residency time, which is typically three years. Clinical management is covered, and the doctor’s capacity to practice medicine  both safely and effectively is evaluated.

Earn a board certification in Step 7.

When the candidate has finished medical school and residency, they must appear in front of a board  regarding the specialty they chose from the available 24.

Get a state license in Step 8

To practice medicine, one needs to get a state-issued license in addition to the necessary training and board certification. Congratulations! Now that you have completed medical school, you can start looking for good jobs. Let’s briefly review all the employment opportunities in the USA for MDs.

MD in the USA Duration.

A four-year MBBS curriculum lasts, while an extra three years are needed to complete an M.D. programme. The undergraduate pre-med course lasts four years, whereas the M.D. programme in the USA has a four-year curriculum. In order to become osteopathic doctors, also known as DOs, aspirants in the USA climb the ladder and enhance their degree of specialisation (Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine). Allopathic physicians are those with just an M.D. as their educational background. 200 further training hours are needed to become a DO.

Eligibility for medical school in the USA.

To practise medicine, one must obtain a licence from the appropriate state’s medical board (M.D.). After passing the USMLE, there are several different residencies and fellowships that one can apply for. However, in order to pursue a doctor of science degree in the United States, one must first fulfil the following conditions.

You should have completed grades ten and twelve.

“pre-medical course,” a bachelor’s degree in biology, chemistry, or a subject closely related to medicine is required.

IELTS and TOEFL scores for the MCAT and NEET range from 6.5 to 7.0 and 90 to 100 respectively.


 Depending on the medical school you are attending, the typical tuition for an MD in the USA is from 50,000 USD to 75,000 USD [36,56,525 INR-54,84,787 INR] per year.

Advantages of Medical PG in USA

  • There is no donation you have to pay for the PG seat. Just score well and get admission.
  • You earn 5000$ to 6000$ at the time of residency in the USA.
  • More than US $150000 is the average salary of a doctor in the USA.
  • NORI certification.
  • Roadmap of Medical in India and Medical Abroad till US PG is almost the same.

Some Helpful Information


The FSMB is a non-profit organization. Which represents the 70 state medical and osteopathic boards of the United States. Providing National Assessment Program concept acts on behalf of state board members. It provides tools that facilitate the distribution of credentials, sponsoring a national database, documentation, and acting as the national voice for the individual board.


NBME serves the public through health professionals and assessment. It is also a nonprofit organization. At-large members who bring a variety of perspectives including the public, and representatives from several organizations including AAMC, ABMS, AMA, AMSA, CMSS, ECFMG, SNMA, and the Department of Veterans Affairs. It is approximately 80 members on board. The NBME test develops several assessments used in medical education, licensure, and certification, domestically and internationally, and is involved in research and development intended to advance medical education and the science of assessment.


USMLE is now a key exam for every ambitious doctor towards his/her career. In response to the need for one path to medical license for allopathic physicians in the United States, USMLE has been created. It was desirable to create one examination system accepted in every state; to ensure that all licensed MDs had passed the same assessment standards – no matter in which school or which country they had trained. USMLE governing committees include ECFMG, FSMB, NBME, and the public Members. This committee is responsible for all the rules and regulations, updates, and score determination.


ERAS (Electronic residency application system) guides you for residency after completion of the MD program. ECFMG board supports an online system. There is different government organization match your profile with existing available residencies. But NRMP (National Residency Matching Program) is the best one. And then after Step 3, you will get your license.

National Resident Matching Program​


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