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German Language A1+A2

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Learning German can be easy if you have the right guidance & teacher throughout the course.
Key2careeR is providing proficient elective course of German Language Classes through online videos. In this course you will learn something new everyday, there will be a detailed syllabus provided for better understanding. Our course will help your grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, fluency, which will result in great communication.
Key2careeR is giving you an opportunity to strengthen your skills, with teachers who will help & solve all your doubts at every step of the way

Learning’s from the course

  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary
  • Verbs
  • Numerical
  • Composing Easy Sentences

By the end of this course, you will be accomplished enough to communicate with ease. Learning a new language will tend to make you nervous but that is normal. You just need patience & commitment to learn. We will be right by you to guide you, which is why we have put together some tips that will help you fasten your process while learning German.

Levels of German Language

CEFR level A1- In this level you

  • Will start with learning alphabet & the numbers which will help you introduce yourself/countries/occupation
  • Interpret and use simple expressions
  • Present themselves and ask others questions about personal details.
  • Converse with anyone using simple & clear terms

CEFR level A2 - In this level you can

  • Interpret commonly used expressions in most areas such as at work or in a household, etc.
  • Interchange information or have a proper conversation
  • Elaborate or express a situation or circumstance that need attention in simple terms.

Levels of German Language

  • Few of the most acknowledged research in the world is practiced in Germany, by people from various countries
  • To have the skills and knowledge of other foreign languages like the
  • German Language is certainly a big plus for the advancement of your career.
  • Helps you with big opportunities at various exchange programs
  • Is an add-on for both schools and universities.
  • As a doctor it will help you understand your patient & evaluate the right diagnosis
  • Germany is the largest contributor to research and development, therefore learning German is very beneficial.


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Get Free Guidance material and counseling

Get Free Guidance material and counseling