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USMLE is a License exam for pursuing a Medical PG program in the USA. Every MBBS aspirant’s dream is to complete PG in the US and settle a career over there. It is the most difficult exam in the world, but the advantages are more if you complete USMLE. Over 1 millions international practitioner in the USA, almost 25% is Indian students. And the data is published by American Medical Association (AMA). Every exam has its own rules and regulations. The USMLE provides them with a common evaluation system for applicants for initial medical licensure. This exam is owned by FSMB (Federation of State Medical Boards) and NBME (National Board of Medical Examination).

“USMLE is not about passing an exam, It is about reaching the required score for admission in PG in the US.”

Key2careeR provides coaching for USMLE across India to all the students. There are many options to prepare for USMLE. Many agents provide a lot kind of information. And here we come, we provide the best server with superior coaching from the market. You need someone to select the best roadmap for USMLE for your career, and that’s what we fulfill. Because of promotions and marketing in India, students feel cracking this exam will be easier, which is not. You need to be sure before investing your time and money, take guidance from our team before investing any amount in any agency; we will guide you honestly with the truth.

Members of USMLE test committees include scientists, educators, and clinicians from every region of the United States. Virtually all LCME-accredited medical schools in the United States have been represented on USMLE test committees. USMLE test committee members represent a “national faculty of medicine” drawn from medical schools, state medical boards, and clinical practice settings across the United States. You need to understand the exact roadmap of USMLE, with all sides of it.

Exam Format

  • USMLE Step 1 – It is one of the most important steps in the entire USMLE concept. It is a competitive exam. Your institute selection and specialization selection is entirely depending on your score. You can give the exam after the second year; mostly students give USMLE step 1 in the 3rd or 4th year of MBBS. It is 280 marks exam, where the passing score is 192, many average students score between 192 – 230. But for getting admission to Top US institute for PG you need more than 230. That’s a battle for every aspirant. If a student gets failed then he/she can reappear (9 attempts).
  • USMLE Step 2 CK – CK is not the that difficult exam. It is just a qualifying exam. Students give this exam mostly in their 5th year. It is a clinical knowledge computer-based exam. At this stage, students understand the difference between clinical rotation and observer-ship.
  • USMLE Step 3 – The Medical doctor has to work in a hospital for almost 3 to 6 years, depend on specialization. Then students are eligible to give step 3 which exactly a license exam to start work as a doctor or medical practitioner in the USA. This is the stage where the entire program ends. After completion of step 3 students are free to work globally. Students give this exam mostly in the 8th year during residency.


  • Students must get graduate from US or Canadian medical school which is accredited by LCME (License Committee on Medical Education).
  • Or else ECFMG approved collage (Outside US collages)

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Key2careeR is committed to admitting the students who deserve and have studied hard to get admission in the Universities they desire...

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Uni visit is our one of the main service which is liked by many of parents in India. Uni Visit means we Key2careeR create a university visit tour for all the interested students who want to go to a particular university, but still not sure or confused about the university. Many agents fool Indian students about false commitments about the university, that’s why we create the Uni Visit option. We make a trip to parents to interested university to see all facts about destine university before admission and payment. So here Key2careeR is standing with you all faith.

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