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About Germany

Germany has also been the seventh most visited country in the world. In terms of education Germany has been home to one of the oldest of universities and about the 14th century. Germany also known as Deutschland, officially called the Federal Republic of Germany, is one of the most populous state of the European Union and also Germany is second just after the USA as a popular migration destination.

Why is Germany the perfect place to study abroad?

Germany is one of the world’s top study destinations for international students and definitely a higher education paradise. In Germany, you will find countless prestigious and top-ranked universities, hundreds of specialized study programs to choose from, degrees that are valued globally, and affordable studies. Not to mention, Germany is a country with a unique culture,  dynamic lifestyle, and many interesting places to explore during your studies here. Germany is aptly synonymous of world-class education. It homes top-ranked universities of the world that also organizes globally recognized study programs. A degree from its elite universities marks its students ‘the best’. Germany is very stable when it comes to its politics and economy. In recent polls, Germany was ranked 9th in the world for its perceived stability. Choosing to study in a stable country is a good choice for your future prospects when you finish your studies.


Affordable cost

Low Tution Fees

Work Opportunity for International Students


Top Ranked Universities

Globally Recognized courses

Countless Degree Courses


Cultural and Historical Heritage

World's top Destination

Learn a new Language

Admission In Main Cities Of Germany

Students should apply & get ready at least 4 months before the university intake this is because students visa should arrive on time by completing all the necessary process.

Life in Germany

Germany attracts people from all corners of the world due to its numerous advantages, starting from the quality of life, job opportunities, as well as its interesting culture and traditions in there. The German economy is also one of the largest in the world, as the labour market has developed and the conditions are stable. This country is where people go to succeed, it is basically a country of hope, success, Dream, research, and innovation. The beautiful landscape, numerous castles, and the interesting architecture play their part when it comes to attracting people. German history serving as cultural objects, museums, and magnificent architectural buildings attracting thousands of visitors from all over the globe.

Work Life in Germany

The opportunity to work in Germany during and after studies is also what brings flocks of international students into the country. While those who cannot cover the full cost of living in Germany on their own have the opportunity to work part-time during studies, those who grow a liking towards Germany can stay here after graduation and try to find employment. You can work whatever job you can in order to support yourself until you find full-time employment, and it does not necessarily have to be related to your field of study. The opportunities are great, all it takes is hard work! Nevertheless, working full-time in Germany guarantees a minimum salary of EUR 1600 (around INR 13500)  per month. Since it is one of the major exporters to the EU, Germany offers a variety of employment opportunities in areas like IT, medicine, engineering, business management and idea cumulation.

Accomodation In Germany

There are two kinds of accommodation you can get in Germany as a student. The economical option – student unions’ halls of residence and the private accommodation tending to be more costly compared to the first option. Finding a place to stay in Germany is very challenging for people who are already out of Germany. That is why most of the international students of Germany wait for it up until they can explore their options for a private accommodation in person. Hunt and find a temporary option of accommodation early enough before travelling to Germany – so you can stay there until finding the right permanent place (use information offered by online agents, social media, or write to the International Office of the university of the university you will be studying) when in Germany and have searched and found interesting places for rent, appoint the meetings with the landlords for visiting such apartments to inspect them carefully for private apartments.

Cost of Living in Germany

The cost of living in Germany is quite reasonable compared to other European countries. You will need around 861 euros a month to cover your living expenses in Germany. If you’re planning to study and live as an international student in Germany, it’s good to know and have accurate expectations about the cost of living in Germany. This article covers all the details you need to know.


Visa Requirement For Germany

To receive a student visa for Germany, any applicant must have:

  • A valid passport that does not expire within 6 months
  • A letter of acceptance from the university
  • A certificate of German proficiency
  • A proof of sufficient funds to sustain the study in Germany
  • A certificate of health insurance

Options for Indian Students to Study in Germany

Germany like many countries provides vivid course structure for students of every need ranging of all sciences, arts and of the fields of commerce.


Below are courses for undergraduates :

  • B.Sc(Hons)International Business & Management
  • B.A. (Hons) Tourism & Hospitality Management
  • B.A. in Economics & Business Addministration
  • B.A.(Hons )Animation
  • B.A. (Hons)Graphic Design
  • B.Sc(Hons)Digital Marketing & Social Media
  • B.Sc (Hons) Computer Science & Digitisation

Below are Post Graduate courses:

  • MBA in Germany ( Masters of Business Administration )
  • M.Sc in Data Analytics
  • M.Sc in Information Technology
  • M.Sc in International Health Management
  • M.A in Tourism, Hospitality & Event Management
  • M.Sc in Engineering Management
  • Global MBA
  • M.Sc. Digital Marketing

Requirements To Study In Germany For Indian Students


  • 13years of education is compulsory (12 + 1year from University) If not then students can go via 1year Foundation Course Or 10 years of Education + 3 year Diploma
  • IELTS – 6.5 overall and 6.0 minimum in each or TOEFL (IBT) – 85 overall min 20 each;
  • Cleared Feststerllungsprufung (entrance exam) for university to signify completion of Studienkolleg


  • 15  &16 year Education with 70% above or 7.5/10 or 3.0/4.0 CGPA
  • IELTS – 6.5 overall min 6.0 or TOEFL – 85 overall min 20 each
  • In case of MBA Work Experience 2 – 3 year at managerial level GMAT – 600 (exceptionally required)

Steps To Study In Germany (Application Process)

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

ANS: YES, you will be glad to know that the weather in Germany is very perfect for students Germany is widely known as the country that enjoys all four seasons throughout the year. So when students are planning their studies there then they will have to carry clothes of four types. In Germany, summers are warm, winters are cold, where the temperature can drop below freezing, and spring and fall are often the perfect balance between the two.

ANS- The best part of studying in Germany is that you get to meet people from all over the world, learn different cultures, and make friends with people of varied culture and tradition. Students who think for abroad education commonly opt for Germany as their study destination, Students get quality education and qualifications which will help you to indulge in the global job market, but you will also have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of Germany to the fullest.

ANS- The most challenging part of studying in Germany is that at first students feel challenging as they need to look after their accommodation, and many other things it takes time for students to feel comfortable as it is a new place. Things go smoother as time flies. Once you get friends their it is very easy as they will so be in the same position as you are in so you will not feel anything challenging.

Ans- If you have finished your higher education studies in Germany as an international student and after graduation, you have returned to your home country, you can still find employment in Germany. What you need in this case is a job seeker visa that allows you to enter Germany for a period of six months and find employment. However, in comparison to an extended residence permit, the job seeker visa does not make you eligible to work while you are looking for full-time employment, meaning you will have to provide proof that you have the necessary financial means to support yourself.

Ans -Types of accommodation in a hall of residence are not all the same, they can be different depending what the city’s student union has to offer. The options may be single rooms, shared apartment, single apartment, couple apartment, single-parent household, apartment/single-room for disabled people in the housing community. What is more, the size and furnishing of living spaces in the halls of residence are not the same. Halls of residence remain the cheapest option for accommodation of students in Germany. This accommodation form is highly demanded by the first-year students as well as international students.

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