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Can you imagine going to a resort but having no means of travel? Or what if you go on a road trip, but have no place to stop at? For us the hospitality and tourism industries are interlinked and we cannot think of one without the other. 

Both the hospitality and tourism industries have been thriving over the last several years. While the pandemic did affect them negatively, both the industries have managed to get back on their feet and are showing rapid growth.

Both hotel management and tourism offer a range of opportunities to students. If you are looking to enter either tourism or hotel management courses after 12th. You will need to know the difference between the two industries.

Hospitality vs Tourism: Point of Difference

  1. It is no brainer that both the industries have different requirements. The hospitality is linked with providing guests with accommodation, food, beverages and other facilities like clubs or amusement parks. 
  2. Tourism on the other hand only focuses on the travelling activities of an individual.
  3. Hospitality industry encompasess a greater field of studies, while the tourism industry is comparatively a smaller industry.
  4. Students interested in working or  management of hotels, catering services, independent events or even providing leisure service to their customers can opt for the hospitality industry.
  5. If the students are interested in providing services to travellers by giving them a vacation of a lifetime or planning their trips for a specific time period, outside their area of residence or natural environment, they can opt for the tourism industry.
  6. Some of the services provided by the hospitality industry include housekeeping, cleaning services, catering and food delivery, bar, sports centre, managing events, etc.
  7. Some of the services provided by the tourism industry include car rentals, providing itineraries, scheduling the trips, train/flight ticket, hotel reservation, etc.

Although overlapping, it is important to understand the criteria’s of both the fields. Make sure to check whether you check your tourism or hotel management eligibility before deciding on a particular course. 

Do keep in mind that one industry cannot survive without the other. Whether your interest lies in hotel management or tourism, both require maintaining a good customer relationship. Therefore, having a basic knowledge about both tourism and hospitality is never amiss!

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