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As an Indian studying outside India especially in Europe is like all students and parents dream Ukraine is one of the most selective and suitable countries for MBBS. After 2008 it is one of the most preferred countries for MBBS study by Indian students apart from Russia. Ukraine is budget friendly and now in 2021, it is a top priority and the first selective country by Indian students. There is more than 5000+ students studying MBBS in Ukraine. And as per our ratio in 2019, more than 1500 students have preferred to study MBBS in Abroad was Ukraine. Not only in terms of Safety but also in terms of Quality education. Completing MBBS Degree at an affordable price and in the government, university is need by every parent, and here it gets fulfilled.

Key2careeR takes direct admission in Ukraine TOP MCI approved Government Medical Universities. Ensure the best experience of pursuing MBBS study in Ukraine. Key2careeR has our local representative and local support for our students in Ukraine. We take care from admission to settling down in a safe and growing environment in Ukraine for MBBS study. Key2careeR is not a consultant firm; It is the second parent of every education aspirant, As our students call us.

Ukraine is a part of EAST EUROPE; Universities in Ukraine are surrounded by European culture, methodology of education, peaceful environment. The cost of tuition fees is very cheap, approx. 1.5 Lakhs to 2 Lakhs a year, also living cost is 100$ -150$ (INR = 7000-10000) per month. In Ukraine, there are 16 MCI approved universities but Key2careeR recommends the Top 5 universities for studies. Every university in Ukraine has an international currency account where a student pays their tuition fees in USD directly to the college. After study in Ukraine, many gates get open for our students to peruse Medical PG. In Ukraine, MBBS university is covered under the ‘Bologna Agreement’, due to which students can pursue higher education in Europe.

Every coin has two side. So please ensure before taking admission that your pathways are good. We help so many students to understand the right choice, those who get miss fallen by agents.

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