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Culinery Arts Academy


At Culinary Arts Academy our students develop the creativity, initiative and tenacity to be ready to innovate the world of culinary arts” says the Dean TANJA FLORENTHAL.


Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland is a culinary school located in Switzerland and a member school of Swiss Education Group.

Bachelor students are based at the Le Bouveret campus in French-speaking Switzerland, on the shores of Lake Geneva. Master’s students, as well as the Chocolate and Pastry Specialisation students, are based at the city campus of Lucerne, in German-speaking Switzerland.

Culinary Arts Academy was established in 2005.Le Bouveret, Brig, Lucerne is the Campus. Switzerland is full of scenic natural beauty. Switzerland has maintained its rich culture, natural attractions, and clean environments thus enticing thousands of tourists from all over the world every year. Great hospitality runs in the tradition of the Swiss people and one can find many heritage hotels run by locals. The hotel management industry in Switzerland is at its peak and continues to offer opportunities for domestic and international students. Hence, studying Hotel management courses in Switzerland will prepare you for the best jobs in this industry.

Culinary Delights In The Heart Of Europe.


Discover and recreate multicultural gastronomic delights with a focus on Italian and French cusine at our campus in the centre of historic Lucerne and scenic Le Bouveret.


Small Hands On Classes

Small class sizes with a focus on practical orientation ensure that you will receive the undivided attention of international chef instructors, including the opportunity to meet with revered Michelin starred chefs such as Anton Mosimann.

Advantages Of Studying Hotel Management In Switzerland

  • Switzerland isa country well-known for its high-quality hotel and tourism industry.
  • Switzerland is the leader in hotel management education worldwide, as evidenced by the Global QS university rankings.
  • Switzerland has long established itself as a global leader in educating students about hotel and tourism business programs, leisure, hotel services, and event management.
  • Rigor, precision, attention to details , Timely Services, World Class Education are all core Swiss characteristics.
  • The educational techniques that are used in Switzerland in the field of hotel management, in addition to theory, are focused on developing practical skills, including various internships.
  • The key advantages of studying Hotel management in Switzerland are that the universities are approved , Recogonised and Certified by ASEH,EDUQUA, THE-ICE.

Courses Offered

Bachelor in culinary arts (Dual Degree)

                Building the foundations in Kitchen Fundamentals and Business

  • World Class program that delivers the technical skills needed to be a top chef.
  • Gain the Entrepreneurial know- how to launch your own food based business
  • Specialized Pathways in Culinary Arts, pastry and chocolate Arts and Vegetarian Culinary Arts.


Master Of International Business In Culinary Management

Gain the skills you need to launch your own culinary Business-

  • Ideal for Career changers ready to explore the world of culinary arts and want to acquire the skills needed to launch a culinary business.
  • Access the revolutionary world of food and beverage and gain Insider knowledge on the latest innovations.
  • Build up relevant and transferable managerial skills that will empower your new career.
  • Gain Soft skills such as creative thinking, cross cultural competencies, Collaborations and emotional intelligence.

Swiss Grand Diploma In Vegeterian Culinary Arts

Learn to create and transform any dish into a vegetarian feast.

  • Choose between one of our two industry-endorsed vegetarian courses.
  • Acquire the skill to prepare vegetarian fine-dining meals by mastering presentation, ingredient substitution and wine pairings.
  • Learn the essentials of service etiquette, the importance of balancing nutrition and health and strict hygiene protocols.
  • World-class culinary programs that equips you with the technical skills you need to be a Michelin star chef.
  • Exchanges from Top vegetarian chefs and restaurants.


Advanced Professional Diploma In Swiss Pastry And Chocolate Arts

Develop innovative showpieces

  • Master the fundamentals of culinary arts, develop your palate and senses by exploring different techniques, ingredients and world cuisines
  • Embark on an industry internship in any of the top pastry institutes in the world
  • A world-class culinary program that equips you with the technical skills you need to be a top chef
  • Experienced Chef Instructors

The Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree in Culinary Arts is Validated by the University of Derby (UK)

Our Industry Parternships strenghthens students learning experience by exposing them to International Industry insights and Expertise.

Swiss Grand Diploma In Culinary Arts

Develop your love of culinary arts and learn fundamental techniques

  • Master the fundamentals of culinary arts and develop your palate and senses by exploring different tecniques, ingredients and world cuisines.
  • Train with experienced chef instructors who provide guidance on how put your new skill you need to be a top chef.
  • Experienced Top Chef Instructotrs.

Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland is Recognised and Certified by:

Life In Switzerland

Located in the Heart of Europe, Switzerland Promises the most Cultural and convenient Destinations for those who want to experience the country and beyond. Its central location allows the ease of visiting neighbouring countries such as France, Italy, Germany, or Monaco, within just a few hours. However, traveling in Switzerland, which possesses some of the most modern, clean, safe, and predictable transport in all of Europe, is not to be overlooked. Why not take a panoramic train through the alps while enjoying fondue and visit the Swiss Alps, glaciers, transparent lakes, and historic villages. Whether you are someone active or a homebody – students can enjoy endless adventures all year-round.

Swiss Culture

The Swiss are commonly known for their shy, friendly, and polite ways. Punctual, clean, discreet, and organized are the traits that best represent the Swiss people.

The campuses are located in the French and German-speaking regions of Switzerland. Nevertheless, languages are one of the most exciting aspects of Swiss culture. Home to four national languages, German, French, Italian, and Romansch, the country is accustomed to foreign tongues, and language barriers are hardly a problem. English, although the unofficial fifth language, is commonly spoken throughout the country.

The local culture is well known for its diverse landscapes and cosmopolitan surroundings. Switzerland is a melting pot of cultures and integrates various neighbouring countries’ traits, which gives its own distinguishable culture. Through their craftsmanship and culinary skills, Swiss are known for some of the best chocolate, cheese, and watch craftsmanship in the world.

Campus Life

  The student ambassador forum organizes a different event each Friday. Cultural Fests, Student Bars, and themed nights are some of the weekly events students look forward to the campus. Students seasonal Sports days are also organized

Admission Process

Application Form


  • High school or university transcript / diploma / certificate
  • Proof of English proficiency – TOEFL, IELTS, or equivalent
  • Passport copy
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Motivation letter
  • Reference letters (if applicable)

Documents must be translated into English by an official translator. Copies are accepted, however original documents may be requested.

After you submit your application, we will send you a confirmation email that includes a link to pay your application fee.


The admissions office will review your application. If you have met the requirements and displayed motivation for the requested program, a provisional letter of acceptance will be sent.

To secure your enrolment, the confirmation fee must be paid within 30 days and will be applied toward your first term fees.

Cancelation Insurance is optional at a fee.

Confirmation and visa application

After your payment, you will receive your enrolment letter to apply for your visa (if applicable).*

The remaining balance of the first term fees must be received six weeks before your start date. Any special room requests (first-come basis) can only be confirmed once full payment is received.

*For non-EU students, you will need apply for a student visa at the nearest Swiss Embassy or Consulate in your home country with your confirmation letter and proof of payment. The absolute decision is made by Swiss authorities and can take up to 12 weeks.

Top courses


All Diploma courses will be for a duration of 11 weeks (3 Terms).
  • Diploma in Vegetarian Culinary Arts in (Le Bouveret): Many Individuals around the world are realising the importance of vegetarian and plant based diet and with this future generations will expect large scale transformation from the culinary industry. The following program will prepare the students to become Culinary professionals of future. In the following course individuals will learn the basic of vegetarian cooking. Students also get to visit chocolate factory or sensory lab for enhanced practical experience.
  • Swiss Grand Diploma in Culinary Arts (Le Bouveret): If you have dreamt of being a chef and want to learn everything the world of gastronomy has to offer then this program is perfectly tailored for you. It will teach you the creative, fundamental and business aspects of the culinary industry. Students graduating will have an overall understanding of the professional kitchen environment.
  • Swiss Grand Diploma in Pastry and Chocolate Arts( Lucerne): A program tailored specifically for individuals who want to learn and want to excel their career in Pastry and Chocolate making. Students will have in-depth learning experience for example how to make different variety of dough such as biscuits, cake, tarts and pies. The course also includes a guided trip to the local farmers market where students will learn more about seasonal menu planning.


IELTS: 5.5
Age: 18 and above
Education: Successful achievement of secondary education (IGCSE, O-Level).To asses the direct entry process please, send the required documents to .This will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Bachelors of International Business/Bachelors of Arts (Honours) in Culinary Arts

If you want to dive deep into the world of culinary then this program will give you an exposure of 1100 kitchen hours for a period of three years. Students also get to take up internship not just one but twice during their time of study. After completing 3 years students get a dual degree from The University of Derby.


Age:17 and above
Education:Recognized High School diploma or equivalent 12 years of education / school leaving certificate with a pass mark. Applicants with prior learning or work experience may also apply.

Master of Arts in Culinary Business Management

If you have a recognized BA degree in any disciplined you are looking for a career change in the field of culinary then this course will help you because the goal here is not to make chefs but create managers who will have a practical awareness and understanding on how the overall operation of kitchen looks like.


Age:21 and above
Education:Recognized BA degree in any discipline.

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