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Swiss Hotel Management School


Switzerland’s reputation as the home of hospitality management was established over a hundred years ago when the first palace style hotels were built. Catering to an exclusive clientele who demanded the highest levels of service, Swiss hoteliers responded by creating standards for the process of hotel operations. These ideas became the foundation for the enviable reputation in hospitality management that Switzerland continues to enjoy today. At SHMS, the dedicated, professional team of hospitality experts teach an exciting curriculum based on Swiss hospitality traditions and the principles of the “Swiss hospitality touch”.

These skills, Combined with paid internship placements, ensure that the graduated students are ready to take on the challenges of a career in the exciting, international hospitality industry.

Thats why SHMS is one of the  best hotel management in switzerland

Campus of Swiss Hotel Management School

Caux Campus SHMS campuses are located in stunning natural settings in Switzerland , located in the historic caux palace. SHMS Caux welcomes all first and second year bachelor students, as well as Master of International Business in Hotel Management students. As a historic palace Caux offers an inspiring environment in which to study, steeped in the heritage of Swiss hospitality traditions. Regularly renovated, this unique campus offers modern facilities and is equipped with the latest technology to aid students in their studies. Set in the hills overlooking lake Geneva, it is a short train ride from the lively city of Montreux with its shops, restaurants and cosmopolitan lifestyle.

Leysin CampusSHMS is based in two former hotels, the Mount-Blanc Palace and Belvédère, linked by SHMS Skytrain. As a well-known mountain resort, leysin offers students a wide range of recreational and sporting activities. Third-year students as well as Master students will get to experience the magnificent surroundings that have earned Leysin a reputation as an international study location.

Benefits of studying in Swiss Hotel Management School

Swiss Hotel Management School is the first hospitality school in the world, and the first institute of Higher Education in Switzerland, to receive the prestigious “Apple Distinguished School” recognition, which is awarded to centers of educational excellence that demonstrate innovative ways to use technology to support learning goals. SHMS uses iPad, Mac products and other digital materials to enhance students’ creativity, critical thinking and collaboration, while cultivating an environment in which students are curious and excited about learning.

At Swiss Hotel Management School students go through a modification that comes from learning and breathing hospitality. As they study they are developing a unique set of skills, they are learning by doing, planning and executing worldly events and working in the various outlets on both campuses.

Courses Details

Bachelor of Arts (Honors) in International Hospitality Management or in International Hospitality and events management

  • Year 1- Food & Beverage Management.
  • Year 2- Rooms Division Management.
  • Year 3-
    • Option 1:- International Hospitality Management.
    • Option 2:- International Hospitality & Events Management.
A three-year degree in partnership with the University of Derby, with specializations in hospitality, events or design. Two internships and a multi-campus experience. What you will get? Equips you to excel in an international career in hospitality management and beyond. Gain leading hospitality knowledge, practical experience, and managerial skills. Refine your skills in a specialization that will make you stand out in the job market Applied practical & academic learning, with two professional internships Graduate with a:- 1)Bachelor of Arts (in Chosen specialization) from Swiss Hotel Management School.

Postgraduate Diploma in International Hotel Operations Management or in International Hotel and Events Management

Students entering the Postgraduate Programme typically hold an undergraduate degree in a field unrelated to hospitality and wish to change their career path, drawn by the exciting career opportunities that the global Hospitality industry has to offer. SHMS is uniquely qualified to equip these career changers with the know-how required by the hospitality industry to become the most sought-after interns and employees. Students who complete the Hotel Operations pathway benefit from a substantial number of weekly real-life, on-the-job experiences in the many outlets and simulation situations on campus. Practice plus theory are the key components.

The Hotel & Events Management pathway appeals to those seeking a more theory-driven approach, as they typically already have some work experience and degrees.. Sharing the same Core and Support Modules with their operations colleagues, the focus of the pathway is on Events organization, with a social and MICE event as the highlight of the semester.

The Swiss Postgraduate Diploma Programme has been designed in such a way that, upon successful completion, students may progress directly to the Master Programmes at the Leysin campus, namely the  MIB (Master in International Business in Hotel), or the MSc Master of Science in International Hospitality Management.

Option 1 : Academic 5 months at SHMS Leysin – Semester 1

International Hotel Operations Management

  • Food & Beverage Management
  • Service Practice & Studies
  • Culinary Practice & Studies
  • Wine & Champagne Studies
  • Events Management Practice & Studies
  • Human Resources Management
  • Professional Career Development
  • Front Office and Back Office Systems
  • Rooms Division Management Practice & Studies
  • Housekeeping Management Practice & Studies
  • Revenue Management
  • Business Market Research
  • Hotel Cost Control
  • Language (level elective)

Worldwide internship (local conditions apply) or paid internship in Switzerland* (4-6 months)

FINAL AWARD – Swiss Postgraduate Diploma in International Hotel Operations Management.

Option 2: Academic 5 months at SHMS Leysin – Semester 1

International Hotel & Events Management

  • Food & Beverage Management
  • Events Service & Culinary Studies
  • Wine & Beverage Studies
  • Events Management Practice & Studies
  • Human Resources Management
  • Professional Career Development
  • Front Office & Back Office Systems
  • Rooms Division Management Studies
  • Revenue Management
  • Business Market Research
  • Financial Accounting
  • Hotel and Event Marketing
  • Feasibility & Business Planning
  • Language (level elective)

Worldwide internship (local conditions apply) or paid internship in Switzerland* (4-6 months)

FINAL AWARD – Swiss Postgraduate Diploma in International Hotel & Events Management.

Master of International Business in Hotel, Resort & Wellness Management

This industry-accredited Master degree provides students with an intensive semester of practicing managerial and leadership skills required by the industry for tomorrow’s executives. Theory modules guide the students towards a deep understanding of the fundamentals of classic business theory and the critical thinking skills needed to question, re-design and find solutions.

Responding to the relevant drivers of change in today’s market, students analyze opportunities and threats and develop strategies to the global industry workforce, consumer behaviour , financial decision making and marketing. Equipped with sound business principles, students then design their own food and beverages business, social and MICE Events and wellness related promotional activities. Through its wide range of real-life outlets, covering both Food & Beverages and wellness, the SHMS Leysin campus provides unique opportunities to practice the much-coveted managerial skills and leadership styles.

Semester 1: SHMS Leysin Academic 5 months at SHMS Leysin

  • Resort Management
  • Swiss Hospitality Excellence
  • Strategies for Leadership
  • Managing Cultural Diversity
  • Consumer Intelligence & Value Creation
  • Hospitality Sales & Marketing
  • Sustainability Business Models
  • Global Hospitality Trends
  • Financial Decision Making
  • Resort, Restaurant and Spa Operations ( Labs)
  • Business Design for Hotels, Resorts and Wellness.
  • Language (level elective)

Worldwide internship (local conditions apply) or paid internship in Switzerland* (4-6 months)

FINAL AWARD- Master of International Business in Hotel, Resort and Wellness Management.

Master of Arts in International Hospitality Business Management

  • Hotel Operations Management
  • Food & Beverage Management​
  • Developing Business Leadership Skills​
  • Wine and Beverage Management​
  • Marketing Management​​
  • Evidence-Based Learning
  • Chosen specialization (see below)
SEMESTER 2 Worldwide internship Integrated business project SPECIALIZATION COURSES SEMESTER 1 Luxury Brand Management This specialization offers a solid understanding of the luxury world, taking into consideration the perception of new consumers, challenges for the retail environment, as well as online services.
  • The Craft of Excellence
  • Strategic Luxury Brand Management
  • The Modern Luxury Consumer
Hotel Management This specialization combines practical, hands-on hotel management experience with the latest thinking in operations, marketing, talent development and leadership, bespoke career support, and unique industry access.
  • Events Management
  • Current Trends in Hospitality
  • Strategic Revenue and Financial Management
SEMESTER 1 Business Analytics & Decision Making Positioned at the intersection between data science, statistics, and management, Business Analytics consists of using data to inform strategic decision making under uncertainty and to optimize business processes.
  • Data Analytics and Statistics
  • Quantitative Tools from Management Science
  • Decision and Risk Analysis
SEMESTER 1 Events Management This specialization equips you to host any type of event, by planning and managing everything from A to Z and helping you achieve event goals.
  • Events Management
  • International MICE Management
  • Festival and Digital Event Innovation

Requirements & Fees

  • Recommended minimum age of 21 years
  • Postgraduate diploma from any SEG school with internship or recognized bachelor’s degree (minimum 2.2 GPA) in any discipline or five years of supervisory experience in the hospitality industry
  • English language proficiency of IELTS 6.0 or TOEFL IBT 67-74 or equivalent. If you don’t meet the required english level, you can improve your language and study skills with our English Foundation Program. Please note that if you require a visa, Swiss authorities need to be provided with a valid TOEFL or IELTS score (not older than one year)
  • Advance Learning Program:  Taking university level coursework requires that you meet the demands of lectures, seminars, and assignments. If English is not your first language, you are required to complete a short screening test during the induction period. If you do not meet the minimum level for your academic program, you will be required to participate in the Advanced Learning Program which runs in parallel to your regular studies and supports your academic progression. Students who benefit from this program will be charged an additional fee.
FINAL AWARD Master of International Business in Hotel Management* awarded by University of Derby, U.K.

Master of Science in International Hospitality Management

Deepen your knowledge of hospitality and acquire highly marketable skills in a range of specialist fields including hospitality management, digital value creation, and design management. This career enhancer will set you apart to thrive in prestigious hospitality brands. SEMESTER 1
  • Evidence-Based Learning 
  • Project Management​
  • Developing Business Leadership skills
  • Content and Social Media Strategies
  • Sustainable Value Creation
  • Strategic Experience Design and Operations Management
  • Chosen specialization (see below)
  SEMESTER 2 Independent Study Integrated business project or dissertation off-campus with tutor support. SEMESTER 1 Hospitality Management
  • Innovative Concept Creation
  • Strategic Revenue Management
  • Strategic Directions
  • Managing Risk and Uncertainty
SEMESTER 1 Digital Value Creation
  • Understanding the Modern Consumer
  • Data Driven Analysis and Decision Making Strategies
  • Innovative Technology-Driven Value Creation
  • Strategic AI and AR Integration
SEMESTER 1 Design Management
  • Virtual Design Construction
  • Advanced AutoCAD
  • Strategic Interior Design Management
  • Strategic Luxury Brand Management

Requirements & Fees

  • Postgraduate diploma from Swiss Hotel Management School, or
  • Recognized bachelor’s degree (minimum 2.2), with honors in Hospitality/Events Management, or five years of work experience at managerial/supervisory level in the industry, plus admission interview
  • English language proficiency of TOEFL IBT 67-74 or IELTS 6.0 or equivalent. If you don’t have the required language level, you can improve your language and study skills with our English Foundation Program. Please note that if you require a visa, Swiss authorities need to be provided with a valid TOEFL or IELTS score (not older than one year).

Application Process

STEP 1- Application form

  • High school/university certificate /transcript
  • Proof of English proficiency (TOEFL or IELTS or equivalents
  • Copy of passport
  • Health document
  • Signed condition documents
  • Curriculum vitae (resume)
  • Motivation letter
  • Work reference letter


Documents must be translated into English by an official translator. Copies are accepted, however original documents may be requested.

After you submit your application, we will send you a confirmation email that includes a link to pay your application fee.

STEP 2: Acceptance

  1. The admissions office will review your application. If you have met the requirements and have displayed motivation for the program, a provisional letter of acceptance will be sent. 
  2. To secure your enrollment the confirmation fee  must be paid within 30 days and will be applied toward your first term fees. 
  3. CancelingInsurance is optional at the fee of .


STEP 3: Confirmation & Visa Application

  1. After your payment, you will receive your enrollment letter to apply for your visa (if applicable).*
  2. The remaining balance of the first term fees must be receivedsix weeks before your start date. Any special room requests (first-come basis) can only be confirmed once full payment is received.

Top courses

Bachelors Degree

For year 1 & 2 all student will have common core subjects in food and beverage management and rooms divisions management. In 3rd Year students can tailor their bachelors degree by choosing one pathway out of the following options:-
  1. International Hospitality Management
  2. International Hospitality and Events Management
  3. International Hospitality and Design Management
Students are after completing the degree program are awarded with Bachelors of Arts ( Honours) in acre edition from University of Derby. For the first two years the students will study in the Caux campus which was built in 1902 and then for the third year the students will move to the Leysin campus in the beautiful Swiss Alps.


IELTS: 5.5
Age: 17 and above
Education: Recognized High School diploma or equivalent 12 years of education / school leaving certificate with a pass mark. Applicants with prior learning or work experience may also apply.

Postgraduate Programmes

A program specially tailored for students who would like a career change. Students can also use this program to pursue their masters in hospitality. Students can choose from two pathways:
  1. International Hotel Operations Management.
  2. International Hotel & Events Management


IELTS: 5.5
Age: 21 and above
Education: Recognized BA degree or 3 years supervisory experience in any industry assessed on a case-by case basis.

Masters Program

Masters of International Business In Hotel Resort and Wellness Management.

  • Onsite: Five months in Leysin Campus and then Integrated business project.
  • Online: 3 semester student paced study and 3 weeks on Leysin Campus.


IELTS: 5.5
Age: 21 and above
Education: Successful completion of the MIB Yr. 1 from any SEG school members (with internship) or Recognized BA degree in any discipline and min. of 3 years work experience in a supervisory position in the Hospitality / Tourism industry. or recognized BA degree in Hospitality / Tourism Management (or related discipline) and a min. of 4 months work experience in the hospitality industry.

Masters of Arts in International Hotel Business Management.

Students will complete their initial 5 months of the course in Caux campus and then 4-6 month of Worldwide placed internship. The Internship will be taken by the student to support the the project known as the Capstone Module. Students have the opportunity to earn a dual degree from Swiss hotel management school and University of Derby.


TOEFL: 67-74
Age: 21 and above
Education: Recognized BA degree (minimum 2:2) in any discipline. In cases where the award qualification is below an honours level (2:2) equivalent, students will be required to attend the additional support module during the 18-weeks.

Masters of Science in International Hospitality Management

Students will be studying onsite for 5 months in the Leysin campus and after that it will be Independent study with tutor support. Students can choose one pathway out of three options:
  1. MSc International Hospitality Management.
  2. MSc International Hospitality Management & Digital Value Creation
  3. MSc International Hospitality Management & Design Management


TOEFL: 67-74
Age: 22 and above
Education: Recognised BA Honours Degree (min 2.2) in Hospitality or related field , or a recognised BA Degree in any discipline with at least 3 years work experience at managerial/ supervisory level in the Hospitality industry, assessed on a case-by-case basis.

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