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FAQ for Medical PG in Germany

Yes, you can practice in India after completion of the PG course if you have passed the MCI screening test. The MCI screening test is conducted after the MBBS course.

Yes, the tuition fee is free of cost in Germany for Indian Students. Indians face a lot of problems because of expensive tuition fees in India. Hence, doing PG from Germany is the best option for them.

The medical PG from Germany is not valid in India. The doctors go there with a very clear picture in their mind of getting settled there. However there are specific requirements which needs to be understood clearly.
– A2 level language learning before departure
– C1 level language learning before Observer-ship to be learnt in Germany
– Observer-ship for minimum of 6 months (Its expensive since the hospitals charge a lot for the same)
– Residency for minimum 3 years up to around 5 years depending on the specialization
– Finally, a clear roadmap to safeguard your investment, just in case you would take more time to get the residency.

Most universities, including Post-Graduate programs, use German as the language of instruction. This is what one would expect since the universities are located in Germany, employ primarily German-speaking faculty and staff, have primarily German-speaking students, and produce graduates who will spend their careers primarily in a German-speaking environment.

Universities generally use the language of the country in which they are located unless there are special circumstances. When I did graduate work in Germany, courses were taught in German. When I did graduate work in Spain, courses were taught in Spanish. In both instances, the respective schools’ post-graduate programs were taught in the language of the country. Nevertheless, some universities teach at least some courses in another language. Jacobs University Bremen, for example, is an international university that teaches most of its courses in English.

Note, however, that this institution was founded as an international university not a German one. Its students come from 100 different countries, and 75% of the student body consists of foreign students. It is not typical. There are also American Universities Abroad. Their policies on the language of instruction may vary, but at least some of them teach in the language of the country in which they are located rather than English. So, if you are planning to study in Germany, learn German. Even if you go to a university in which instruction is in English, you will find German helpful.

  1. Germany has a history of ingenuity and innovation.
  2. German universities provide modern learning in field of medicine.
  3. German universities provide an international outlook.
  4. Degrees from Germany are world recognized.
  5. German universities charge no or less tuition fees.

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